Leadership Development Programs

There is no course or formula for magically developing your leaders. Leadership is a personal journey which can be nurtured and supported to continuously hone and build knowledge and experience to better lead teams and organizations.

We work with our clients to create customized programs that explore a variety of topics that fit with your organizational culture and objectives. This may include workshops, real work practical application, coaching, mentoring, and all forms of learning, designed to help your leaders develop their:

• Culture Intelligence

• Emotional Intelligence

• Energy Intelligence

We also offer a special “Read to Lead” virtual book study group that brings leaders from different industries together to read and discuss books on leadership. This 90 minute book study includes 45 minutes with the author.

Join the “Read to Lead” Book Study

Spirit Tree Consulting is offering a series of “Read to Lead” book study sessions. Join me, and other leaders from a variety of organizations in the Spirit Tree virtual reading room as we explore and discuss books that will be sure to engage, challenge and inspire you.

Participants will read on their own and then join in on a 90 minute discussion led by me, Adrienne Seal, and then half way through the call the author will join to participate in a Q & A. The reading room is limited to 25 participants.

What participants will get:

• Study guide questions
• Access to a private Spirit Tree Reading room Facebook group where you can continue the conversation
• New connections with leaders, authors and experts
• Post meeting recording
• If you suddenly can’t make the call you will still receive the recording

Layout of each virtual session:
First 45 minutes –facilitated book discussion
Last 45 minutes –Q & A with the author

Books: Buy or download the books with the links provided below. Cost of books not included in book study fee.


February 8th, 2019 | 3:15 – 4:45 pm

Conference Call • Book Study: Frank Barrett: Say Yes to the Mess, Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz

How do you cope when faced with complexity and constant change at work? Here’s what the best leaders and teams do; they say “Yes to the Mess”. Say, Yes to the Mess vividly shows how the principles of jazz thinking and performance can help anyone who leads teams or works with them to develop these critical skills wherever they sit in the organization.

october 25th, 2018 | 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Conference Call • Book Study: Joshua Freedman: At the Heart of Leadership; How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence

At the Heart of Leadership delivers a compelling case for leaders to attend to their own and their people’s emotions as a critical asset for optimal performance. Through the use of stories and data from Josh’s work around the world this book provides a guide to the Six Seconds EQ Model, a practical three step process to become more effective with emotions.

At the Heart of Leadership

January 17, 2019 | 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Conference Call • Book Study: Josh Allan Dykstra: Igniting the Invisible Tribe; Designing an Organization that Doesn’t Suck

Why is it that so many of us toil away in jobs we hate, being treated like machines, doing things that will eventually ruin the planet? Concluding a massive research project spanning the fields of behavioral economics, future trend analysis, and management science, Josh Allan Dykstra elegantly shows how the world of work is evolving – and that the competitive advantage of business is shifting towards something much more life-giving than where we’ve been.

Ignite the Invisible Tribe

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