Inclusion & Diversity
Spirit Tree’s approach to inclusion and diversity is not training or a program.

It is creating the cultural behaviors where ethics, and social courage cross pollinate with empathy and self-awareness.

It is the continuous commitment from the whole organization- top to bottom, to continuously learn, create positive change, transparency, and involvement. Our approach:

1. Understand the felt experience at the individual level (unconscious/conscious bias)

2. Recognize the group dynamics and how to self-regulate group behavior

3. Identify the organizational levers for change that ensure there are behaviors and practices that align and reinforce the overall values of an organization that values and welcomes diversity.

VR Workshop

on Gender Equity and Unconscious Bias

Want to take that impactful change to the next level with an immersive experience?

Contact us to schedule a vr workshop or learn more about how we can help you with diversity & inclusion.

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