I am often asked about my gender equity workshop using Virtual Reality.  I tell them the workshop is a powerful tool that gets people talking with candor about what is really going on, but once that door is open, you must be willing to walk through it and renovate your house.  This is not a check the box activity.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity work is more than a service offering or expertise for me.  It is the basis and motivation for why I do work with organizations seriously wanting to build healthy and abundant cultures.  Organizations led by leaders who are ethical and willing to learn and understand how to be better. Organizations that attract passionate, interesting, intelligent people and want to keep them.

My clients are interested in moving equity, inclusion and diversity beyond compliance and risk management.  They are committed to making it part of their cultural DNA which means walking the talk in how they lead, manage and work every day.

They walk through the door and positive change begins.  Here’s how…

Step 1:  Executive workshop:  What is your cause?

The purpose of the executive workshop is about understanding your role as a leader is to Start a movement in your own organization.  Be passionate about the cause of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.  Be brave, be vulnerable, be disruptive, be an inspiration. Believe the door you are opening is the right door.  

Step 2:  Virtual Reality Workshops:  Looking inside

Virtual Reality is a game changer.  We aren’t teaching brain science or academic theory on why or how we might be biased.  We are placing the participants in an immersive shared yet personal experience where they have actual feelings, actual reactions, actual thoughts and behaviors.  And then we create a brave space to explore all of it with curiosity, resulting in deeper learning and empathy and the desire to make a difference. Become Aware.

Step 3:  Culture Assessment

Here is where it becomes real and disruptive.  We help the organization examine its way of being. What are the sacred and embedded ways of working (processes, systems, structures), use of power (governance, policies etc), and the customs, totems, and behaviors of the organization.  Which one of them are relics of a way of being that get in the way of a healthy culture. The organization determines what needs to be disrupted, changed. They identify stuff that will really Make adifference.

Step 4:  Change planning and implementation

Then the leadership takes all that positive energy for change to motivate and mobilize the organization to come up with new ways of being and give them the space, the resources and the time to Make it happen.

Step 5:  Keep the movement alive!  This is a cause, like democracy.  It requires ongoing dedication and commitment and support.  Keep educating and building that support. Continue the movement.

Are you ready to start a movement?  Or learn more about this program?

Contact:  adrienne@spirittreeconsulting.com

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