The organizations that choose Spirit Tree as their Culture and Leadership Partner do so because they appreciate our ability to see the forest through the trees. We bring perspective, objectivity mixed with intuition and insight to help people and organizations have Courage to take on challenges and risks, Creativity to try new and original solutions, Passion to ignite their spirit, and Integrity to stand up for what is right.

Adrienne Seal
My Story

Born into a family of activist women, at the time known as the second wave feminist movement, role models like Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, my mother and my older sisters, helped shape my experiences and beliefs about strong women.

Our voices were combined together on social causes and change, ranging from allowing girls to wear pants to school (my mother), to opening doors to educational opportunities once only available to men, to equal pay for equal work, which removed barriers for women to enter the workforce – significantly changing the composition of the workplace and the family routine.

This legacy has shaped who I am. I am continually reminded that our united voice comes from our collective history and experience as maiden’s, mothers, and wise women. This gives us a different perspective then our male counterparts. We juggle work, family, relationship, community, and self, like super-women. A compartmentalized approach, not sustainable.

Over the last few decades, I have been working with corporations both internally and externally in the field of Transformational Culture Change, Leadership Development and Coaching. I realized, organizations have not progressed to meet the challenges of the superhuman juggle. The truth is, it is hard to build a career and balance life and a family. It seems that taking care of one means sacrificing the other. I have spent many years internally and externally building my credentials in these fields, and I have discovered some things…Our satisfaction is a measure of how engaged we are in our lives not just our jobs. I do not define myself as “employee.” So, what does employee satisfaction really mean?

Organizations designed with the whole person in mind attract not only the minds but the hearts of employees. I know that raising a family and being successful in my career are mutually beneficial. Much of what I have seen and experienced has shown me that we have the wisdom, and the tools to make that happen. And I know many companies have attempted change, but it is still a paper and pen exercise. A cultural shift is needed; our organizational boundaries have shifted. Trying to compartmentalize it doesn’t work because a measure of success is not a number but a feeling and a quality of life.

I founded Spirit Tree Consulting to bring back the human spirit into organizational cultures. I intentionally gave my business a name that tests the assumptions of corporate bias. You can look up my work experience on LinkedIn, but who I am is a collection not only of that work experience but also my life. I am inspired when I observe people loving what they do, and for me, I am doing what I love!

Spirit Tree Consulting History

I founded Spirit Tree Consulting many years ago to coach people in transition, usually from one job to another, or from not working to working. The search for finding one’s purpose and then finding a company where they could bring that purpose and energy were at the heart of the work these individuals did. Finding themselves and then finding work that was life fulfilling.

Today Spirit Tree Consulting’s primary focus is on developing leaders and organizational cultures that are creating the conditions for people to have life fulfilling experiences at work. This often means unlearning the rules of the past, and inventing new ones. Most importantly it is about bringing and appreciating diversity of all kinds while creating the conditions for an inclusive culture that celebrates the human spirit.
A place where the people I coached in the past would want to come to work. Spirit Tree Consulting is a leadership and culture development organization.

We believe that by focusing in Cultural intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Energy Intelligence we can create Inspirational leaders and Intelligent organizations.

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